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R.A.I.S. = Raks Arabi Identification System  \

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  RAIS Certification (Under the umbrella of CID-UNESCO)

For those who have aspirations to teach Belly Dance in any way shape or form. Learn the correct approaches to teaching this dance form.

Be a----R.A.I.S. = Leader with Knowledge! Instructor Certification!.


You can start this program at any time. Your schedule is your own. At the dance studio in Southern CA we do have a Pre-RAIS Workshop to brief people interested in teaching.

The breakdown after deciding is as follows:

150 hours of class time either at our studio or by video/workshops count too. Each class approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours in duration including home study. Attendance in our 2 In-House Intensive Workshops per year. Be available for Warm-Ups for at least 3 months. Audit other teachers classes and other styles of dance. Intern after courses completed for 3 months. Assist in a Quick-Start Beginner Belly Dance Course. Teach a Belly Dance Course of at least 8 weeks. Make a lesson plan. and syllabus and follow through. Choreograph combinations for class & a dance to demonstrate.

  R.A.I.S.  = Raks Arabi Identification System

1 Must have at least 2 years of Middle Eastern/Belly Dance training and be at an Intermediate level.
2. A desire to teach a quality syllabus.
3. Knowledge of being a performing artist and choreographer.
4.Total commitment to project.

1.All materials are the rights of ADA.
2. No materials may be claimed as own.
3. Purchase course book $15.00
4. No refunds
4. Finish project in 18 months.
5.Newsletter & Specialized Coaching.



"El Fen " Means The Studio in Lebanese Arabic

We are working diligently to set up . Still have videos to shoot.
Big learning curve for us.
I-Tunes University is set up with 2 courses based on 2 of our books 1. Shiny Beads and
Shimmies 2. Mosaic of Music. 

 For fees contact the studio management. It is also essential that you have access to a phone, computer, the internet and a video camera.

All students are added to our informational Newsletter which comes out quarterly. All students get 15 minute to 1 hour privates. Only online we do conference calling  and video conferencing instead at no extra cost to you. This course takes approximately 18 months  to complete. Only students with a strong background in the art are accepted.

 TOTAL COST of R.A.I.S  Course and Certification:  
Materials = not set (keep evolving)  $15.00 + whatever is needed
Course = Cost of classes  = $250.00

 Certification & Testing = $100.00

TOTAL =$400.00 (Roughly)

 R.A.I.S. = Leader with Knowledge! Instructor Certification!.

 We  offer CID Certification and Teachers classes count there too. 
CID Certification costs $100-

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  • Subscribing allows you to get site updates. Your email address will be kept private.