Amani Oriental Festival 2011 Amani Oriental Festival 2011 Flyer from Amani oriental Festival 2011 The flyer that advertised all of us that taught at the Amani Oriental festival in October of 2100 144660911 Morwenna, Lucia & Georgia Rehearsal Room at Al Medina Theater, Beirut Lebanon before opening night show. Tuesday October 25th. 2011 144660906 Amani giving tribute to Georgette Gabarra Amani, Madame Georgette Gabara and Francois Rahmy on stage. opening night at Al Medina Theater, Beirut Lebanon. Tuesday, October 25th. 2011 144660905 Morwenna Opening night Beirut Lebanon. 144660902 Amani Class with students Amani taught amazing classes. A dancers' dream. 144660909 Amani's Class Georgia and Lucia in Amani's class 144660903 Teachers on stage at end of Opening night Show Wonderful fellow dancers and teachers at the Amani Oriental Festival, October 25th 2011 144660907 Amani on Stage performing Closing Night Show-Competition Night Saturday October 30th, 2011. The Princess of the dance. 144660904 Eshabaki Magazine 11/7/2011 One page of center page spread on Amani's festival. We acquired on Sun Nov 6th on our way home. 144660908 Closing night with all on stage What an amazing feeling for all of us on one stage with the amazing Amani. 144660910