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Do You Want To Dance Forever? Here Is How!

Posted by [email protected] on May 15, 2020 at 12:25 AM

Do You Want to Dance Forever? Here is How!

Posted on May 13, 2020 by Tales1001 Edit

At any level of dance there are certain thing you should know. You should include cardio and and weight training to prepare you for the demands of dance. This is true, no matter the style. This will make you stronger, have more endurance and better technique. You will not gain bulk but will have more developed muscles for what comes in your dance training. Do not stop your other activities. Have outside activities, than just dance. Try a yoga class, Somatics, or Pilates class. People who do keep healthier and can help make you a better dancer. So, have a life! Early retirement is no longer a given. Caring properly for your body will ensure that you can dance as long as you want.

If you are very supple, take heed. You must control your range of motion to prevent injury. If you are tight you have to be careful too. You are the other end of the spectrum. It is all about control. Be patient and focus on good technique! No one wants an injury. Always warm up before you dance. Dance training can become very repetitious. Do not let it become mundane. Listen to your body. Learn the difference between soreness that comes from working hard and getting stronger and pain from overdoing. There is a difference. Recognize it! Overdoing will affect your ability to perform and limit your future. Do not be afraid to try new things. Investigate any injuries. Do not ignore them. Plan your recovery. Ask yourself how you feel in your body every day. If not up to it, do not go to class. “Experience gives you more choices” says Risa Steinberg, so find them. Remember flexibility declines as you get older. Be prepared. Be realistic on how you need to adapt without losing your technique.

Make sure you eat properly. You need the energy. Under-nutrition can affect dancers of all levels. It creates a hormonal imbalance and a slow healing from injuries due to low bone density. Make the necessary adjustments to your classes. As you get older it is harder to dance with no discomfort. Make sure you are breathing properly. Breathe fully and think of moving with less force. Use your emotions and feelings while maintaining your technique. Make sure you have a health care team that understand your needs. Maybe, seek advice from a dietician. Maintain your body. Take two days a week off from dancing. Sleep at least 8 hours a night. Dancers usually have busy schedules. As you age you might want or should cut back. Be extra vigilant to rest and recover. Work with your body, do not ignore it.

Remember experience gives you more choices. Your years of study and good technique are there to support you. Rather than focusing on things you may not be able to do anymore, listen to your instincts and use other moves and feelings. “Play the instrument you have” says Gus Solomon. Remember when you first learned to do improvisation? Get that feeling back. Create! We are performing Middle Easter Dance of one form or another so pace yourself. We are always dancing! There really is no stopping. Follow your dream but just be sensible.

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