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Reviewing Your Work

Posted by [email protected] on October 9, 2019 at 11:35 AM


Reviewing Your Work

Posted on September 14, 2019 by Tales1001

The work does not end when you bow at the end of a piece. It is not over! It is the beginning of getting better. Your post performance analysis can help you progress and grow. After show take some time to calm down and be grateful for what you have just done. Taking time to reflect gives you a chance to recognize the full value of the work you just did and take control of how you want to proceed in the future. Use each show as an opportunity to evolve. It is only a means to an end, not the end. Learn how to calmly evaluate your work will make sure you do not turn into a machine that dances by rote. You will actually learn and improve each time you perform. Real growth as a dancer comes once you have learned to evaluate productively. Just give yourself a chance to calm down before trying to fig-ure out what happened, good or bad.

1. Start with the Good Stuff:

Yes, start with the being positive! Think about all the things that went well before dwelling on the not so good. Have a moment for yourself. Pat yourself on the back a little. Have a feeling of gratitude. Feel positive, it will help you have more momentum and energy to improve. Did you enjoy the show? Also reflect on the things you did right in leading up to the show. The preparation you did. Even diet and before the show rest. Think about what went well in the performance. Where you improved? What you nailed! What can you learn from this performance? People are naturally inclined to reflect on the negative. Being overly negative is not productive.


2. Put Your Thoughts on Paper:

Get in that positive frame of mind. Writing gets problems good and bad out of your head and onto the page. From there be an outsider and be honest with yourself. Then you can move on.

Make three columns: 1. Things that worked. 2. The things that did not work. 3. Things to work on. This way you will not just fixate on the things that went wrong. Seeing all sides and a place to work and will help you not to fixate on just what was not up to par. Always ask yourself, Is this a produc-tive thought?


3. Take Criticism Calmly:

Getting others’ opinions is essential. You might not like what you will hear but it gives you thought. Your own subjective thoughts of what you did, do not give you the full picture You might feel some-thing went wrong but not why. Someone else’s perspective may give you insight. Then you can work in fixing it! It is very easy to get defensive. Remember you are a performing artist. How many times have you heard “Breathe”? Develop the skill of deep breathing. Breathing deeply occupies space in your brain and allows you to reset. Yes, feedback can be overwhelming. Decide on a few people to really listen to.

4. Watch A Replay:

Seeing yourself dance is really important. Get comfortable using video as a tool. Video helps you un-derstand what sort of dancer you are. Just, try not to focus on all the things you do not like. You have to look at yourself and understand how to make things look better. Step back and think less about yourself and more about the whole thing. You are just part of it. Be able to understand your role in the big picture is important and helpful. Trust that the sky will not fall. You are part of a bigger experi-ence. That is art!

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