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Last month we talked about ideas for improvisation. Today we will look further into this with how to get your mind ready to do those things we covered. You know you have to warm-up your body before you do any kind of exercising or performing. Well what about your mind? Yes, you have to be prepared there too. While waiting moments before performing your mind might be racing. In reality as you warm up your body you need to think of your mind too. Your mind readiness will dictate how you will perform.







ENERGY: You need to be calm, relaxed and confident when stepping out onto the stage. You need to figure out what works for you. If you feel sluggish, jump up and down or shimmy. Or maybe you need to calm down, then do some arms or undulations. Tell yourself how wonderful it will be and how lucky you are to be able to perform for this group, whatever it may be. Experiment in rehearsal and find your key.




  • Mel'Keta




MAKE MINIMUM DECISIONS: Make decisions before a show as limited as possible. Clear your mind. Develop a before performance routine. Having a ritual frees your mind for predictability. Always keep your routine the same. This frees your mind.




CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS WELL: Surround yourself with people who have the right mind set. Do not listen to complaining. Walk away. Control your environment. Use headphones to listen to your music. Think of the vibes you want and need at this time.







DO NOT LET YOUR NERVES GET THE BEST OF YOU: Emotions, nerves, and anxiety are all contagious. Stress can actually work for you if in the right mind set. Positive=Helps your muscles to work better and stronger & your mind will be clearer. But, if your nerves are negative then you will just be more anxious. Get it under control. Use what is right for you.




PRACTICE: Backstage, visualize your choreography with as much detail as is necessary.Your brain does not know the difference between a mental version and the real thing.. You are creating a closer bond between what your mind and body wants.




  • Theater Performance San Diego East County. El Cajon, CA




BREATHE: How often do I have to say this word? Focus on your breath. I prefer deep breathing from deep down in the diaphragm just as i step on stage. It seems to release all anxiety




GOALS: Do not focus so much on the performance just let the movements flow. Be in the moment. Enjoy the movements. I usually have a goal that is something to accomplish that has nothing to do with the choreography. e.g Looking in a certain direction or making eye contact etc.







WHAT IF ALL GOES WRONG?: No matter how much you prepare or how long you have been performing, things can go wrong. How do you recoup and quickly?




  1. Self Evaluation: Do not dwell on the mistakes handle it right away, like the next day. Work those things out so you will not repeat them.
  2. Quickly Move on: Get your mind back on track. Get in the moment. Breathe! It is ok. You are human!
  3. Change Your Mind Set: Most people fear failure. Look at a mistake as an opportunity to learn and grow. You will improve faster. Your worst performances can be your most valuable.




Choose one of these strategies at first then try another. It will not ALL happen overnight.




  • Raks el Anwar performing Bedouin number Pala Casino CA 2006










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