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Make yourself standout!



Covid -19 has made us all look for other ways to share our talents. Have to admit I am not a technician and this stuff scares the daylights out of me. I was using Zoom etc. when nobody had heard of it to keep in touch with my students far and wide. I now have a lot to learn. I envy those you have come to terms with the situation. I only ever used it for coaching. I remember my my first class on Zoom. I learned a lot.


This article though is for those who are performing in shows produced on Zoom or Skype etc. I cannot sit through one more. The people running the shows do the best they can. Most do well. It is the dancers that I worry about. All get a great introduction. After that it is all over. Most just dance to one person the camera. No, no there is not one person there. Why aren't Arabic style dancers taught more in their choreography classes than just steps? I was taught that things done face on were flat. Have no depth whatsoever!. Facing the side has no personality. Use you angles!!!



I think most of the problem is focus. No one knows where to look. Going across the floor means just that. Have energy, unique presence and dynamics. This is called "See and Be Seen"! Focus on really performing the movement. You have to have direction on your look. It demands that you imagine an audience and show them where to look. Do not focus on your self in the camera, really be aware of where you are focusing your eyes. Sustaining warm, friendly eye contact when ever appropriate also lets the audience know your personality. You need to be present and focused. Easy to forget in a virtual realm. Be yourself and and feel you are being seen all around you. Carry yourself accordingly. This is not just your imagination at work.


You are not performing to an empty house. You have to have stage presence. Pretend you are on stage. Envision communicating to a person. Tap into that feeling of performing for others. Have a confident presence. Learn the nuances of your choreography or improvisation not just steps and moves. Really hone in to what is really being offered, it is more than just reproducing a movement or series of moves. Know the phrases of the music. Take ownership of the material and show you understand the musicality. When using improvisation, feel free embrace and respond to the music. Be an artist!



While two dimensional representation onscreen cannot fully show the richness and complexity of your dancing like in person, getting your dynamics can give a more accurate idea of who you are as a performer. The screen flattens us out and we are not fed by the energy in the theater or restaurant. So, it is even more important and imperative to compensate by being highly articulate and dynamic in your movements. Hit a movement a little harder. It turns the volume up in subtlety and nuance. Make the movement clear rhythmically, feel your connection to the music.


Practice is a great idea. Let go of imperfections or technological mishaps as quickly as possible. Keep dancing full out at least as much as you can in your limited space. For anyone who really has no idea what I am saying, give us a call and schedule a coaching session. We can do this, it is really commonsense. But if you do not know we can help you.



Morwenna Assaf, Educator and Choreographer

Arabic Style Dance and Movement

[email protected]

Walid Assaf, Rhythm Master & Musical Director

760-715-2276 Online – In Studio Sessions


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