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Here it is autumn again! A new season for your dance classes. Here are 6 ways to improve your dance as you get back into the studio, be it in person or online. These are corrections teachers give the most, or should be. They are basic things. Set realistic goals and fix them. Make your dance come alive not matter the level of dancer you are. These seven things will at least get you off on the right foot.

1. USE YOUR EYES: Do not get stuck in the mirror. Utilize the mirror when you need to. The head is the heaviest part of the body, so if you direct your eyes your body position will be corrected. Utilize your eyes when using your arms. This helps relate to what happens when you dance.

2. ENGAGE YOUR CORE: Having a strong core helps you move with more stability and faster. Keep it together. Remember the core in Oriental Dance is the solar plexus area of the body. Other dance forms it can be a little lower in the body.

3. DO NOT CHEAT ON TURN PREPARATIONS: For turns, 1. Losing turnout. 2. Doing a double plie. 3. Swinging arm behind body. Weight should be forward. Plie properly to push down so you can go up.. Make sure your mechanics are correct. Do it slowly, Build good muscle memory.

4. BE POSITIVE: Incorporate positive thinking. Do not judge yourself. Be ok with what you do not know. Be willing to receive information. Do not let one problem you are having with an area affect the entire combination. Allow yourself to make mistakes.. Learn from them. Also, do not be a knw it all. There are always those that know more than you.

5. LIFT YOUR ARCHES: When you lift your arches away from the floor you engage muscles in the back of your legs. Make sure all 10 toes are connected with the floor. This prevents rolling forward and putting pressure on your knees. Make sure your feet are fully engaged. This will help with balance, turns and knee health.

6. APPROACH PLIE AS A MOVEMENT: A plie is an action with resistance. Plies, should support what you are doing both rhythmically and technically. Resist going down. Hold upper body up. Do not sink into hips. Push the floor away as you lift up.

These six steps are a place to start. Certainly not everything you need but a good place to start to make all of your learning easier regardless of the style of dance you are learning.

Morwenna Assaf = Author, Choreographer & Educator

Walid Assaf = Percussionist, & Educator

Art/Dance Academy, USA  


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