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Getting Out of A Dance Rut

Posted by [email protected] on February 12, 2020 at 1:00 PM



No matter what your situation or your level of dance, this is inevitable at any stage of your career. Maybe you just got a job? It has been fine so far but you do not feel like you are growing as an artist. You are in a rut! These slumps hit hard no matter at what level you are. They are difficult to shake but with the correct mindset you can and will find your love for dance again.


The way of a dancer’s life


Why does this happen? Maybe you are focusing on the things you have given up for dance and not focusing on your accomplishments. At first you are really excited, then at some point you lose momentum. You start looking at what you left behind and not on what you have accomplished. It can be frustrating. You feel stagnant. You are in a motivational hole.


Initially you are grateful but then the excitement wears off. The mind-set changes. You want more out of this life. It is a natural part of the developmental process. Dancers need the tools but also the strength to be able to face all the challenges that come with the territory. You have to be more independent to be successful. It is part of the education and journey. Sometimes you will feel invisible but that does not mean you are doing something wrong. You are just not the main topic of conversation. At times you need help adjusting to a move or a situation. At other times you do not.




With practice you can overcome this set back and get back on track.


1. Set Reasonable and productive goals:

Focus on what you put into your work. Not, what you get out of it. Goals should be centered on things you can control: Applying corrections. Etc. Work on it.


2. Sit in on rehearsals and classes:

See shows – you need to be inspired. Look for other inspirational outlets. Take a class in another style. Another teacher maybe. But, make sure you take classes.


3. Expand your horizons:

Most people start dance as a hobby but then it becomes work, the joyful escape is gone. Find something else for a hobby. I happen to write.


4. Do not forget your value:

Realize you are needed where you are. You are valued.


Hopefully, these suggestions will help you. Even after 40 plus years in this business I have my days. After a week or so of doing nothing, I realize I am here for the long haul and will always be a part of the dance world. It is who I am!


A working artist at that!


Morwenna Assaf



[email protected]


865-375-0446 or760-715-2276

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