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Little Christmas in Eastern TN

Posted by [email protected] on January 23, 2020 at 12:50 AM

Little Christmas in Eastern TN

In San Diego it was an annual event that every Christmas Eve  we would have an open house and invite any and all involved with the dance studio etcetera. People were invited to come to our house . Basically the idea was to invite everyone who had migrated to Southern CA and had no family with which to clebrate Christmas. We became a family. We did that for 17 years and loved evey minute of it.

Then, we moved to Eastern TN. There was no need for this event as everyone had family locally. This worked well thill this last Christmas-2019. This was the year we had sickness and there was no real clebrating. Health was getting better but no one had the energy to plan, cook or celebrate. So many people just wanted to relax. In January 2019 we had invited a couple we consider close friends with a friend we had met through them and their son. The date happened to be "The 12th Ninght of Christmas which fell on Jan 6th. The Feast of the Epiphany. No one here celebrates 12th Night. Most people have their Christmas trees down on the latest the day after Christmas which to me is Boxing Day.

Yes, we are different . I was raised between England and Montreal, Canada. In our family a tree was not put up till Christmas Eve and stayed up through 12th Night. Plus, my Lebanese husband and the 6th of January is a big day of celebration. So, this year we decided to invite those same friends form last year plus a couple more friends that are dear to us- Marlayne and Maggie! So, with us there was eight people in all. A small but wonderful group. Walid cooked all day. This was to be a treat. Something we will repeat every year.

Our guests arrived at 6:30pm We had a wonderful dinner. Conversation was great! Our friend Doctor John had just  retired so this was something to clebrate. He was a professor at UT for 34 years. Also, this year he got his Phd from UT Something else to elebrate. Laurie a friend of John & Sharon's had just graduated with her BS. Go, Laurie. Her son, Jonathon, a special needs person of 17 graduated from highschool. Walid, gave him a derbecki. (Lebanese hand drum as a gift. He was elated. He was a happy camper. Our friend Marlayne had just turned 70 a few months ago. So that was her milestone.  Maggie got a divorce and has a new lease on life. She is going to Europe for the first time in a few months. Walid and I were celebrating our good health and the good health of a close family member. So much to be thankful for. We all had so much to share and celebrate.

After dinner we all went downstairs to the dance and music studio. The music started, the keyboard and drums were brought out. The music started. Someone played the keyboard and others played drums including Jonathon on his new drum  Everyone was dancing. The party was on.

This was OUR Little Christmas in Eastern TN. What a great time of celebrating with good, good, no great company. A tradition is started.  Maybe not the original idea of the Epiphany  but definitely a day to remember for the second year in a row. We all realize good friends are few and far between.The date for next year is set. So remember January 6th is the Feast of the Epiphany or 12th NIght, if you like.And, yes, that is why we have Christmas lights outside till after 12th night. The Three Kings need to follow the light.

NB: Sorry no pictures this year. Will make up for it I promise.

Morwenna Assaf
[email protected]

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