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De Stress - Get Out of the Gloom

Posted by [email protected] on November 7, 2019 at 1:40 PM


Along with all the rewards of a dancing career comes numerous sources of stress. Those of us who have been in this business for a long time understand and realize it is just part of the game. I think dancers have this idea that everything has to be perfect. This is unreasonable thinking. We all have moments of being over loaded but when it becomes a day in and day out situation, it is a problem.







Yes, the occasional stress point will come up. Will I get the job? How will I make ends meet. Praying people will show up for a rehearsal. Praying the show will go well. But, long term problems like not enough money to survive, being injured, can and will contribute to chronic stress. This is turn can be a really dangerous situation. Health problems ranging from depression and heart problems to prolonged injury recovery. So, how will we handle this?







  1. Meditation: Focus on your breathing. Be non-judgmental about your thoughts and feelings.. Accept all! This takes a lot of practice but can be so beneficial. Take a deep breath!
  2. Cognitive Behavior Skills: Make sure you recognize distorted or harmful thoughts. Stop it in its tracks.
  3. Connect With Others: Reach out to others. Socializing has a habit of setting things straight.
  4. Do Non-Dance Activities: Go to a play , concert, take a free class. Sample something new. Give yourself a new interest.
  5. Express Yourself: Keep a journal, write stories or poetry, play misic, draw, paint sculpt. You might have another hidden talent.
  6. Take Time Out for You: Have a special time for you, be it a soak in a hot tub, a special breakfast, lunch or supper. Playing your favorite music. Reading or taking a nap. You are special. Celebrate it!
  7. Reflect on Your Priorities: What would you like to do? Think it over!
  8. Practice Saying "No": Have healthy boundaries. Realize you need to take care of you not the whole world. Do what you can do without getting overwhelmed.
  9. Remind Yourself Why You Dance: You started out just loving dancing. Then, you became a professional and a whole lot of other things came into the picture. Responsibility and having to be good. Plus not letting people down. Refresh on those early days.
  10. Reach Out For Help: If the above does not make you realize that it is dance and you should be loving it and you cannot manage effectively then search out a therapist to help you.




Dance has been with us forever. Orientalist view of the Oriental Dance.




My favorite saying is "It is not brain surgery". Relax! We are only hear for a short while. Do not get bogged down.

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