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It Is The Little Things That Count

Posted by [email protected] on March 20, 2019 at 11:35 AM

To begin dancers are told to not work so hard. Make it look effortless. What does that mean? How do you achieve this? Dancing with efficiency helps you conserve energy and minimize wear and tear on the body. It allows you to achieve big impressions out of little moments and creates last memories to the viewer. Mastering the art of effortless movement requires a new perspective. "Less is More" is often the term we hear. This equals priorities towards simplicity and ease.


Use rehearsals to determine when to step on the gas and when to coast. Giving 100% all the time wears you out physically and mentally. It makes it impossible to keep going. Each time you repeat a sequence you are recording it physically and connecting with the sensation. Movements have sweet spots. Pause, ask yourself how much force you are using? You will usually find you have some to spare. Pull it back! It is all about following through. The idea of release is not collapse. It is actually poise! Then, you are a magnet for the audience to focus on your dance. Not, trying to capture the audience's attention. Small details can have a big impact.


Think what you admire about other performers.. Never mind the tricks. What makes them sparkle? You are performing not a machine. The artistry can make or break a performance. Build the sense of anticipation by playing with the timing and musicality. During transitions make sure you shift weight with a softness of the knees (slight plie). Thinking about arm placement to maintain control. The audience sees all! Hands are the most expressive part of the body. Be aware of hands from the spine, the shoulder blades, through bicep, tricep and elbow. Let your arms and hands talk.


Back to Focus: Sternum needs to be lifted and eye level just above the horizon. When dancing in a group make contact with the dancer next to you. Focus all the time.. Think about what kind of energy you should be expressing. Is it soft, intense or some where in between?


In your entrance you often do running or walking steps. This again is all about transfer of weight. Make it seamless. Use your shoulders and back. I like to say "have the wind at your back" Move through the space. Stay in character throughout. The piece is not over until it is over. Thoroughly rehearse bows. Be thankful for your audience. Define your finish. Leave it all onstage.

Dance has been with us forever.

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