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So, You Think You Can't Dance?

Posted by [email protected] on February 23, 2019 at 12:25 AM


Think again! You certainly can and should by joining a a dance class that is accessible, vibrant and a lot of fun. It is all about moving. So let us get busy. Age makes no difference. Even if you have never taken up dance before. This is the first time. That is ok. Haven't danced in years but want to start again, then let's go. You will fit in, have fun and maybe even learn to love dancing.

It is like working out without the feeling of actually working out because it is artistic. You can go at your own pace. Stop if you want. Sit down and dance while sitting. Or just sit back and watch. Listen until you are ready to jump back in again.

Our bodies get set in our ways from repeated, habitual ways of doing things. You will gain flexibility, balance, stability in a short while. Dance can really change your posture and give you overall strength. It is about moving. Life is moving. You do not need a certain type of body or look a certain way, be a certain age or flexibility.

Relieve tension and keep muscles limber:

1. Morning = Lower-back stretch. Sit o floor or bed with one leg extended and the other drawn into upper thigh. Lean over straight leg with straight back, with both hands. Reach as far as you can. Alternate legs. Prevents pain from sitting too long.

2. Midday = Calf-Stretch. Place both hands on a wall or countertop. Place one leg forward with knee bent. Stretch back leg. Keep the full foot on the floor. Alternate legs. This limbers calf muscles and is beneficial before and after dancing, walking or running.

3. Evening = Shoulder & Neck Stretch. Get a towel and place over your shoulder. With the other hand grab the towel from behind. Pull gently in opposite directions while bending your head and neck away from the side the towel is on. Switch sides. This relieves neck tension.

When On Down -Time re-examine your alignment. Down time habits can directly impact our bodies and if left unchecked and can cause problems. A few simple adjustments could save you from injury.

1. SITTING SLUMPED OVER A SCREEN:- Many of us decompress by curling up with a phone , lap-top or watching tv. Then we look down at the screen. These are some of the worst things we can do for our bodies. Why? Because we let go of all our postural support and strength. Instead: Minimize your time sitting in one position.

2. STRETCHING COLD MUSCLES:-Holding muscles muscles when you are cold can damage muscle fibers. This reduces the power and strength of a muscle. Instead: Save for after dancing. Before warm up well.

3. WALKING TURNED IN OR OUT:- Instead: Turn feet to parallel. Actively practice muscle engagement. Hold up ankles. Develop muscles evenly.

4. WEARING FIP-FLOPS:- Wearing these makes you grip with your toes to keep them on. This can lead to shin splints. Plus without support you are likely to roll in, putting pressure on the tendons on the inside of the ankle. This can change the alignment of the knees and hips. Instead: Choose shoes that have arch support and room for the toes to stay wide. When buying, put shoes on. and go into a deep knee bend. If toes can stretch and Achilles tendon says long- you should be good.

5. LUGGING AROUND A HEAVY BAG OR A BABY:- Carrying excessive weight on one side can give you functional scoliosis. The muscles and joints get imbalanced and cause skeletal injuries. It can also change your walking pattern to contribute to having a weaker side. Instead: Clean out your bag. Only keep what you really need. Invest in a back-pack etc. A stroller for the baby. Or at least alternate shoulders.



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