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Part 2


Here is Part 2 as promised. I hope these articles are of help to you. They are the basis of all great dancing. You need all of them to be a good dncer. Do not leave any out. Be the best you can be. While we are all on this lockdown called COVID-19 spen your time wisely. These are the building blocks of dance.


5. BALANCE: Balance is concerned with more than balancing on one...

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Based on works by Robert Cohan "The Dance Workshop"

Part 1

This is a multiple part article to help you while in the doldrums of COVID-19.  Digest these four and next time, the 3rd week in July, we will give you the next four. Hope this gives you something to think about and digest. Here is to a better dance in the down days of 2020.

When you start dancing, it is important to rec...

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by Morwenna Assaf, Director

"The basics you need to look and perform your best."

Before you get into performance you need to hone your skills in class and practice. The skills are the same. It is all one working curve. To perform well in any area of your life you need to develop these qualities.

You will use these qualities whether you are cleaning house, performing or whatever. You will look better and feel better. Whether you are ...

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Music To Die For

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Mitchell Kaltsunas is a very special person that Walid worked with for many years in the New England scene. He stands out among all the other musicians because of his interesting background and how he has made a name for himself and is still one of the most talented and in demand performers in New England.


Are you missing Arabic music during this trying time in our history? If so, I have the perfect solution! Give yourself a welcome brea...

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Do You Want To Dance Forever? Here Is How!

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Do You Want to Dance Forever? Here is How!

Posted on May 13, 2020 by Tales1001 Edit

At any level of dance there are certain thing you should know. You should include cardio and and weight training to prepare you for the demands of dance. This is true, no matter the style. This will make you stronger, have more endurance and better technique. You will not gain bulk but will have more developed muscles for what comes in your dance training. Do not stop your other activities. H...

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Sawt Al-Wadi

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Sawt al-Wadi

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SAWT AL-WADI = Voice from the Valley


Another momentous occasion at the Rose Center in Morristown, TN. The one spot you can find culture in Eastern TN outside of the little in Knoxville. The Rose Center presented am Arabic musical group. They were from UT. (University of TN). The concert was one of a kind. It just happens to be led by someone we had met before several times at U...

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Getting Out of A Dance Rut

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No matter what your situation or your level of dance, this is inevitable at any stage of your career. Maybe you just got a job? It has been fine so far but you do not feel like you are growing as an artist. You are in a rut! These slumps hit hard no matter at what level you are. They are difficult to shake but with the correct mindset you can and will find your love for dance again.


The way of a dancer’s life


Why does this ...

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Little Christmas in Eastern TN

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Little Christmas in Eastern TN

In San Diego it was an annual event that every Christmas Eve  we would have an open house and invite any and all involved with the dance studio etcetera. People were invited to come to our house . Basically the idea was to invite everyone who had migrated to Southern CA and had no family with which to clebrate Christmas. We became a family. We did that for ...

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The Rose Center

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What a beautiful name for an absolutely fabulous place. As I was perusing my emails back in the week before Christmas, I came across an advertisement for a FREE concert. This sparked my interest. I had no idea what to expect. We decided to go as we live in an area where the arts and culture is next to nothing.


The Rose Center is located in Morristown, TN about 15 miles from where we live. The function was called “Java Jive”. We got there about 6:30. Found our wa...

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How Does Appreciation Become Appropriation

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How Does Appreciation Become Appropriation

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After being in the business of Arabic Dance styles for over 45 years this business of appropriation has become a huge subject. It puzzles me. When I started it was not even suggested. I lived in a primarily Lebanese community and danced in every club in the Boston/Rhode Island/New Hampshire area. They were clubs where the Middle Eastern people attended any night of th...

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