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  Keep the Culture in Arabic Dance. Open Borders for ALL Movement!

The above has been cancelled till September 18th, 2021. Will keep you notified of any other changes. Danbury, Connecticut
Below has been canceled till August 20th & 21st 2021. Boston, Massachusetts


About this Studio of Dance: (El Fen means The Studio in Arabic)
The name is Art/Dance Academy. We have moved from San Diego County CA to New Market in Jefferson County TN. At our old location we offered a full array of classes from Introduction to Professional. After doing this for the past 40 years the decision was made to  do Consulting for dancers, dance groups and Elite Private Intensive coaching sessions on drumming for all 

We feel this new avenue is justified. We are still ADA but have a new vision to fulfill. We are still here to help anyone from anywhere with their dance and teaching careers. Somehow the name is still descriptive of what we will be doing from 2017  and forward. Welcome on board! We will be traveling a little less but please keep in touch with our schedule. Make an appointment!  Everything online!

Our future is in presenting classes on line to make life a little easier. We are offering courses through I-Tunes University, YesCourse and CourseCraft based on our dance educational books (www. 1. Shiny Beads and Shimmies (for the new student) and 2. Mosaic of Music (for the Advanced student and professional)  Available NOW . We have 15 courses published. on these platforms. We will be adding online coaching in the Spring months of 2020. There are several FREE courses for you to check out.


We offer Certification Through the International Congress of Dance CID-UNESCO. We support coaching at our studio and on line.  Get your 150 hours recorded and be  recognized as one of Middle Eastern Dance's elite.

 The Art/Dance Academy is a  performing arts school dedicated to presenting, preserving and educating the general public on ethnic culture and folklore of various world forms especially those countries that make up the eastern Arabic nations, the Levant. It was formed and officially opened on January 25, 1998 in Oceanside, CA. During 1997 classes were offered at Dance North County in Encinitas, CA. Prior to their opening, Morwenna & Walid Assaf operated Scheherazade Studios from 1975 on Cape Cod, Boston, New Bedford and Fall River in Massachusetts, as well as Providence, RI with various locations throughout Cape Cod. We are a non-profit Education Organization specializing in Middle Eastern Dance (BELLY DANCE COACHING) and  Arabic Music, and classical dance. We are a "Not for Profit: educational corporation registered in the state of Rhode Island since 1984. Registered on Dunn & Brad Street and held a annual renewable government contract to produce festivals of cultural background for the military and throughout the libraries in Southern CA. Our instructors are hand picked for their knowledge and quality of teaching experience plus are certified.

We offer online coaching for those all. All you need is a computer and a wifi.  FACULTY: MORWENNA ASSAF CID-UNESCO MEMBER - from England and Canada, New England and Southern CA. Artistic Director, Choreographer and Master Teacher of Middle Eastern Dance. Strong background in ballet, jazz, modern, notation and various ethnic dance forms and theater. Studied under mentor the late Ibrahim Farrah (25 years) and La Meri (10 years) plus inspired by Yousry Sharif, Elena Lentini, Valerie Camille, Mahmoud Reda and Marta Zorina plus by Amani of Lebanon. 

WALID ASSAF - from Lebanon, Musical Director and Manager. Teaches Middle Eastern Rhythm (percussion). Internationally known star of both drum and debke. Studied under the best the Middle East has to offer (Setrak Sarkesian) both here and abroad.

Art/Dance Academy is going through a major overhaul which seems to be the order of the day We are still available but only for private coaching & Consulting. Our aim is still to "Keep the Culture in Arabic Dance" by giving you our undivided attention. 

 Art/Dance Academy = ADA
865-375-0446 or 760-715-2276 Leave a message please!

  We provide coaching at all levels and private consulting. Study the Lebanese style of the late Ibrahim Farrah and the peoples of Lebanon. The Egyptian style of the Legendary Mr Mahmoud Reda. Give us a call at 865-375-0446 or 760-715-2276. E-Mail us at [email protected] for more information. 


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